Uganda Directory Website Redesign

“I just don’t like what I see every time I open Uganda Directory website my eyes just don’t know what to see or not, how do people even use it? Ok, in short, I just don’t understand it.”

Samantha Gumisiriza - C.E.O Uganda Directory


Uganda Directory’s former website had a terrible user interface, filled with a lot of unnecessary clutter and was an eye sore to the user’s eyes. The content was also inaccessible with the old site. We had to do a complete overhaul.

How we did it

Truth be told the task began on an inquisitive note, we had thousands of questions from “why is Uganda Directory a directory?” “What comes first the information guide or the directory?” But, once all the questions were answered; the brainstorming sessions began, pencils kissed paper.

First things first, we got rid of the clutter, made the directory the core of the website emphasizing the search function and adding a sprinkle of warmth with identity colors and new feel. Closely putting usability first, we were happy with the outcomes.


A website with a revolutionary user experience, 21st century aesthetics and a beautiful smile on the clients face.

View the live project on Uganda Directory