About Us

Brands and Code (BnC) is a digital marketing and software development company in Uganda specializing in modifying brands through interpersonal engagement with the right target audience. Right from 2013, with minds so fresh and yet so strong willed on changing brands digitally we were not about to look back.

With a team of creative young individuals who will stop at nothing, explore different perspectives, take bold decisions coupled with a glass of water only to understand your business inside out thus providing tailor made strategies for brands.

Will do what it takes no matter how unrealistic it may seem to provide innovative, quality content solutions for all forms of technical communication for your brand.


I love my seat in office. It's cozy and am able to see everyone from all angles, cool right? I see what some people are not able to see from their seats.
They say love sucks but I love design.
Unfortunately I love words. Well, technically speaking I love their impact more. Emotions, actions and of course mind. Oh! and I also love guavas.
Just be good at it.
Think younger.
Perfectionist, gives attention to detail. I love to see things working out. BBC, Aljazeera is my other life; I always want to keep updated.
The idea of being someone rather than myself freaks me out.
I love playing games (FIFA etc) and watching movies/series. Young at heart, "professional lifist".
Working through inspirations.


A whiteboard that bears all written thoughts, chairs that bear all kinds coats (just in case) and evenings we spare and enthusiastically look forward to just to celebrate the lives of gallant individuals who make BnC warm and fun. It’s all about sharing hearty laughter, weird dance moves, amazingly “heavenly” singing voices, insane jokes together more like family when mum and dad are away.